Finland will elect 13 MEPs using the party list PR system The candidates fight nationally.

Country statistics:

Population: 5.400.000

GDP/capita: 115 (EU28 = 100)

Growth (2012): -0,8

Unemployment: 8,0

2014 Election

In 2012, the centre-right National Coalition Party won the presidency from the centre-left Social Democrats for the first time in 30 years by beating the Green League. The Social Democrats didn’t even make it to the last round.

The only surprise may come from the right-wing True Finns Party, who have been gaining support from left and right, but the political make up, will only lead to minimal changes in the European parliament, but the True Finns or Green League may pick up an extra seat.

Olli Rehn, the EU finance commissioner, who has been a prominent figure, is from the Centre Party, but the party has seen drops in support. The party describes itself as liberal, as do several other Finnish parties.

2009 Election

Electorate: 4,332,457 votes

Turnout: 40.3%

Results by number of MEPs, party (European political group) and vote share

3 – National Coalition Party (EPP) 23.21%

3 – Center Party of Finland (ALDE) 19.03%

2 – Social Democratic Party of Finland (PES) 17.54%

2 – Green League (Vihreä liitto) (Greens-EFA) 12.40%

1 – Perus – True Finns (other) 9.79%

1 – Swedish People’s Party in Finland (ALDE) 6.09%

1 – Christian Democrats in Finland (EPP) 4.17%