Finland is not afraid of anything, including Russia. So said Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini in an interview in the Russian newspaper Kommersant on October 20.

“Finland does not find Russia threatening and does not fear anything. I believe this is generally accepted,” Soini was quoted as saying.

He also said Finland’s foreign policy is based on cooperation and upholding good relationships, especially with bordering countries. But he stressed that Finland does not condone Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Crimea, and is in favour of political sanctions against Russia.

When asked about hybrid attacks, Soini told the Russian newspaper that these can come from anywhere. “This has nothing to do with any specific country. We do not attack and we fear no one.”

As reported by YLE online, Finland has assigned Cyber Ambassador Pia Rantala-Engberg to deal with cyber affairs and cyber security issues at the foreign ministry.

Another issue addressed is whether Finland will join Nato.

“We cannot rule out the possibility of joining Nato,” Soini said. “Every country should have that opportunity and that is why open-door politics is important to us.”