Defeated right-wing candidate Francois Fillon urged voters to support leading candidate Emmanuel Macron on the second round of the French presidential vote.

Fillon spoke about 40 minutes after the exit poll result was announced, keeping him away from the second round finalists, as he received a 19,5% of the estimated vote.

“Despite all my efforts, my determination, I have not been able to convince you. The obstacles on my way were too many and too cruel,” he said.

” I assume my responsibilities,” added Fillon, asking his constituents to remain united and determined ahead of the French parliament elections.

Fillon also gave voting instructions to his supporters, to block Marine Le Pen. “We must choose what is best for our country,” even it is not a choice of heart.

The defeated leader said he had ”no choice but to vote against the extreme right “. ” I will vote in favor of Emmanuel Macron ,” he concluded.

Hamon calls to beat “as strongly as possible” Le Pen by voting Macron

After the Dutch elections, Benoit Hamon’s traditional social democracy seems to experience another humiliating defeat at the first round of the French presidential elections.

Hamon’s call to beat Marine Le Pen as strong as possible came first, ad he admitted to have failed to stop the   to beat “as strongly as possible” Le Pen by voting Macron