Denmark’s third largest city is reportedly slated to become the home of Facebook’s third data centre outside the United States.

As reported by the Reuters news agency, the 184,000 square metre facility will be built in Odense and will generate around 1,200 jobs to build it. The California-based company opened a similar data centre in Sweden three years ago and is currently constructing a centre in Ireland.

According to the report, which was initially published by the local Danish news site, the 500,000 square metres construction site will hold a total of three server halls, according to the report. Costing some €9.1m, the site is now fenced and being guarded by security.

“We have not made any final decision to come to Denmark,” a Facebook spokesperson told UK’s Business Insider.

“It takes years to get a site ready for a new data centre, and because of the long lead time, we’re always evaluating potential new locations as we expand our global infrastructure. By doing work upfront, we can move fast when we do need more capacity. But, we’re not committing to anything right now.”

Data centres are essential to Facebook. It needs extra space as the amount of data its users create is growing at an enormous pace.  It also needs to build data centres on European soil to comply with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, which regulates how businesses manage user data.