Facebook has purged its platform of a series of high-profile personalities that it considers dangerous as they “promote or engage in violence and hate”, according to the social media giant.

The names included in the ban include controversial Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, who repeatedly uses anti-Semitic epithets and racially-charged attacks against those who disagree with his radical black nationalist agenda, as well as the unhinged extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of InfoWars, white supremacist Paul Nehlen, and fringe far-right xenophobic personalities Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Paul Joseph Watson.

Facebook removed their accounts, fan pages, and the groups affiliated with the individuals. Jones, whose rants against Jews, Muslims, the media, immigrants, freedom of speech, and women’s rights activists, had actually been banned from Facebook since August 2018.

A Facebook spokesperson said the calls for hate crimes by those that were banned was the key tipping point for barred from having access to the platform. Facebook will also move to restrict others from expressing praise or support for the individuals that were banned.