Who will unite Europe’s multitude of liberal forces, currently under different roofs? Kassandra believes that the man -or woman- who will cut this Gordian knot will enthrone themselves king of Brussels next year.

However difficult to solve, the equation is easy to define: there are liberals to be found in the EPP (even if those represent 20% of the party, or Alex Stubb’s Congress tally last week), ALDE (their natural home), Macron’s tent (defining that is a rigorous exercise in itself), and to some extent, in PES.

To win approval, the next Commission President will need to build a coalition in the European Parliament broad enough to accommodate elements of all of the above groupings, if not the whole thing.  Kassandra sees two scenarios: either a messianic leader will unite all those liberals under a single formation (with the capacity to dethrone the EPP from pole position) or the winning party’s Spitzenkandidaten (or the Council’s chosen one) will need to make them feel comfortable in any potential majority-wielding coalition.

Either way, for the newly-elected EPP top candidate’s campaign (Congratulations, Manfred Weber!) to hit home, he will have to start playing house with those liberals. Unless ALDE started building that dream house of a united liberal front this past weekend in Madrid. EPP, ALDE and Macron, you’re all welcome. Drinks are on the house.