The European Parliament has issued a ruling that MEP offices from using unpaid internships beginning in July.

Future trainees will be hired directly by the parliament and given a compensation package that includes health insurance as well €800 and €1,313 per month, a move that would drastically improve the current conditions of interns who work with the European institutions.

In a survey released by the Youth Intergroup two years ago, a significant problem with the quality of the internships at the European Parliament was the lack of proper compensation for those who were included in the programme.

“We have been working hard to get the issue on the agenda and are happy to see that a decision has been made before the end of the mandate. We hope that other European institutions will now follow swiftly.”, said MEP Tomas Zdechovsky, co-chair of the Youth Intergroup.

According to the new principles, both graduates and students will have the possibility to become an intern with MEPs for a period of six weeks to five months, with a maximum prolongation of up to nine months.