A duo from Slovenia and Belgium have been named to represent the European Left Party after its executive board selected the top candidates to lead the party into May’s European elections.

Violeta Tomic from Slovenia and Belgium’s Nico Cue will contend for the presidency of the European Commission. Tomic is a member of the Slovenian parliament and spokeswoman on Palestine and LGBT rights, while Cue is a former Secretary General of the Metalworkers’ Union of Belgium (MWB-FTGB).

According to the president of the European Left, Gregor Gysi, the two candidates are”On the side of those who do not accept the growing contradiction between wealth and poverty. The social question is the key issue of our time,” adding, “The credibility of policies depends, in large part, on their ability to redistribute wealth to the benefit of the poorer classes,” said Gysi, whose part also opposes the EU’s plan for a European army. “We have to prevent a militaristic EU”.

The European Left hopes to mobilise some of the youth movement by running on a platform of environmental sustainability in social responsibility.