The European Network of Prosecutors for the Environment and the EU’s hub for judicial cooperation, Eurojust, jointly organized a conference on 29-30 October about the rise in environmental crime, as criminal networks are rapidly expanding their activities into this form of cross-border crime, which weakens legal enterprises in the field of waste management.

More than 100 judicial practitioners and experts from all over the world attended the event, that had presentations from four continents, including from specialists from Brazil, China and North and South America, as well as a workshop on how to cooperate globally in tackling environmental crime.

“Combating environmental crime is of great importance, because it poses a serious threat to our health and physical safety. That’s why Eurojust gladly joins forces with ENPE, and other actors concerned, in an effort to stop organised crime from getting a foothold in this sector”, said Eurojust’s President, Ladislav Hamran.

As tackling cross-border organised environmental crime is a priority for the Union, the conference focused on concrete steps, such as improving international collaboration in the prosecution of environmental criminals.