In a joint action day last week, with the support of Eurojust and Europol, 19 alleged heads of an organised crime group suspected of large-scale drug trafficking from Ivory Coast and Nigeria to Italy, were arrested in Italy and in several other countries, in execution of European Arrest Warrants.

During the investigation, 150 suspects were arrested. The network smuggled heroin and other drugs to Italy, in false bottoms in shoes and suitcases, and hidden pockets in clothing. The narcotics were treated with spices to render them undetectable via x-ray, and to drug-sniffing dogs.

The couriers departed directly from the places of production of narcotics, such as East Africa, Pakistan, China, Laos and Latin America. In total, 230 kg of heroin, 20 kg of cocaine and 2 kg of MDMA were seized during the action day.