As things continue to escalate in Catalonia, Spain, as the days for the planned October 1 referendum on Catalan independence approach. The referendum itself has been declared illegal by Spain’s Constitutional Court.

So even if the Spanish Government has opted for police and judges to stop the referendum for happening, the EU remains cautious to step into the situation, as the European Commission chief spokesperson Margaritis Schinas remains to what he said last week: “We are attached to the respect of the Spanish constitution, as of all member states’ constitutions”.

While an EU executive spokesman said, “all questions can be addressed within the conditional order”.

A source told the EU observer: “If that is not a taboo, it looks like it very much. On Friday’s last midday renderious for the week, Schinas repeated the Commission’s position, refusing to go further, despite the numerous questions from the media representative.

“I am confirming what we previously said, we have nothing to add. We are respecting the Spanish Constitutional order,” said the Berlaymont spokesperson, adding that no phone call is on the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s plans at the moment. Schinas did not clarify whether the Commission could act as a mediator in the dispute.

We are respecting the Spanish constitutional order,” concluded Schinas.