Europe could soon see more expensive US ketchup as part of retaliatory tariffs against Washington. Other US products under consideration is frozen fish, raisins and adhesive bandages, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

European retaliatory tariffs have already been imposed on peanut butter, jeans, bourbon, and motorcycles. Europe is reacting to unilateral tariffs imposed on steel (25%) and aluminium imports (10%).

According to the Financial Times, Brussels is expanding the list of products to affect €18bn worth of goods. The effect of tariffs on ketchup could be minimized, as many US food behemoths produce in Europe

The list for new tariffs is also likely to include frozen fish, raisins and adhesive bandages, according to the report.

Washington is considering the introduction of tariffs on cars made in Europe; in 2016 Europe exported cars worth €254bn to the United States, importing merely €77bn.