The European Commission has proposed on Wednesday €299.5 million to Austria, Italy and Romania to help with extensive repairs in each country following a series of natural disasters that occurred last year that left each with extensive damage in certain regions, European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu told journalists on 16 May.

During a press briefing, Creţu presented the Commission’s decision to grant €9 million to Romania to help compensate its citizens for damage caused to households and local agriculture, some of which will be handed over to the Romanian government to rebuild heavily damaged infrastructure.

Italy experiences some of the most deadly floods in recent years after extensive flooding and landslides caused extensive damage throughout the country. As a result, the Italian government will receive €277 million and neighbouring Austria will receive €8 million for the Alpine regions on the Italian border that suffered severe damage following the 2018 floods.

“The Commission now requests the approval of the funds,” said Creţu, adding that as soon as the member states and the European Parliament give the green light, “the Commission will handle the amounts in full” to the affected member states.