Nothing says solidarity to austerity battered Greece than a yachting cruise.

How else to offer support to the thousands of poor migrants trying to escape war and the constant threat of death, than, well, another yachting gala?

While Europe looks in shame at the cynical money saving exercise that reduced Mare Nostrum to a feeble rump and counts the bodies of the dead, EU officials are planning yet another season of taxpayer funded cruises around the Mediterranean.

The Cercle Nautique de la Commission Européenne is the taxpayer subsidised ‘charity’ registered at the European Commission’s Berlaymont headquarters, Rue de La Loi 200. It’s a private sailing club for Eurocrats, their families and friends. For €40 a year.

Have a guess at their big news this year. They’re taking part in the 2015 Rolex Middle Sea Race, “one of the most prestigious offshore races.”

They’re taking part in a race to Lampadusa and back. Kassandra hopes that they don’t sail over any migrants in their quest for victory.

Unless, of course, this is the replacement for Operation Triton. If that’s too challenging, then there’s the usual multi-week cruise around the Greek islands, who no doubt will welcome them with open harbours.