Security policy directors from EU states met on 14 November in Brussels for the first annual review conference on the Civilian Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Compact, a year after the agreement to boost the capabilities of civilian crisis management missions.

The aim of the CSDP is to strengthen EU’s capacity to deploy civilian crisis management missions, to reinforce the police and the civil administration in conflict settings.

The event was hosted by the European External Action Service and the Finnish Presidency, to contribute to EU’s wider response to tackle security challenges. The participants discussed the progress and decided on future steps to make the policy more effective. It was agreed that it is already delivering results, in particular with the coordination mechanisms in inter-ministry cooperation.

The EU deploys ten civilian Missions under the framework of this policy. Civilian experts advise and train local partners in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, and the Middle East, namely: Ukraine, Georgia, Kosovo, Libya, the Palestinian Territories (Ramallah and Rafah), Niger, Mali, Somalia and Iraq.

Around 2.000 staff work in the field, and around 80 at headquarters. The annual cost of the civilian CSDP Missions is around €281 million. The mandates of the missions are agreed unanimously by EU states.