The EU committed in 2017 to provide safe passage and 50,000 refugees but has only resettled 37,000 the German public broadcaster DW reports.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel committed Germany to receive 10,200 asylum seekers but has only resettled 4,800 so far. Ireland and Belgium have also failed to take in more than half the numbers they pledged, while Portugal has only taken in a third. Luxembourg has not resettled a single person despite pledging 200 places.

Sweden and the UK have fulfilled their quotas while France, the Netherlands and Finland have resettled at least 80% of the numbers they pledged.

A spokesperson for the European Commission admitted on Monday that the target will not be reached on time. Among those failed as the thousands of refugees detained in camps in Libya, slowing down their evacuation, and putting their lives at risk, according to UNHCR.

EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos says that the remaining pledges can be fulfilled by the end of the year. Under an EU program, each host country receives a €10,000 payment per person they resettle, which goes towards integration efforts.

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 10 EU countries in spring 2018 found that 77% support taking in refugees from countries where people are fleeing and violence and war.