The meeting of the EU Genocide Network forum on 6 and 7 November at Eurojust’s headquarters in the Hague. Prosecutors discussed on the EU countries’ judicial practices, to see how cooperation could ensure criminal responsibility of perpetrators by an effective accumulation of charges.

The forum provides a place for practitioners to exchange information on ongoing cases and share expertise for the prosecution of perpetrators of core international crimes.

Currently, the prosecution of war criminals and terrorists in EU states can fall under the responsibility of various prosecutors. Suspects of terrorist activities can receive higher sentences if charges of terrorism are combined with acts of war crimes. To achieve that accumulation of charges, better coordination between prosecutors with different competences is desirable.

“If we want justice done, we need optimal national coordination among prosecutors competent for different crime areas. Prosecutors need access to all sources of evidence, including evidence collected by UN bodies, military forces in the battlefield, non-governmental organisations and other partners”, said Eurojust’s President, Ladislav Hamran.