South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir and the leader of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-in-Opposition, Riek Machar, signed a peace deal last year to end a civil war that killed almost 400,000 people, displaced one third of the population, and wrecked the economy.

The European Union welcomed on 7 November the ongoing contacts between Kiir and the opposition groups towards forming a transitional unity government. They now have deadline till 12 November to form it.

“Realistic and sustainable arrangements and deadlines must be set for the immediate implementation of the outstanding pre-transitional tasks, in particular those crucial to prevent a return to violence, such as the security arrangements and the agreement on the number and boundaries of states. The government’s financial commitments to enable the implementation of these tasks must be honoured.”

“It is crucial that all the parties publicly reaffirm their commitment to full compliance with the cessation of hostilities agreement of December 2017. Leaders need to strengthen mutual trust and engage in good faith in the reconciliation process”, the EU stated, and added that, once the parties demonstrate that their commitment to peace is irreversible, it will be “ready to provide further support in the implementation of all the chapters of the peace agreement”.