The European People’s Party (EPP) concluded its  Congress in Malta, with all of Europe’s centre-right stars, past and present, in attendance. The politicians came together to discuss the party’s vision for how to secure Europe’s future for the next decade, “without leaving anyone behind.”

Angela Merkel:

“Europe has provided answers to complex questions. The value of freedom and solidarity are key. We have to tackle the challenges with courage and it’s important to hold the principle of subsidiarity in high regard.”  “We don’t want to isolate ourselves while looking at possible answers for territorial integrity, a principle we have guarded since the Second World War.”

“Let’s hold our benchmarks high. Syria is not part of Europe, but this does not mean that we don’t have to act. We also know that if we want to protect our borders, we need a joint police force.”

Jean-Claude Juncker

“Now we have Brexit, a couple of days after the commemoration of the 60th anniversary. This is a new beginning of something stronger and better. It is not the end, although people on other continents would want that, like Trump. If he goes on like that, I am going to promote the independence of Ohio from the USA.”

“We need to convince Europeans to get off the couch and face populists.”

Antonio Tajani

“The responsibility of the EPP is the most important responsibility.”

Donald Tusk

“Freedom of speech and the rule of law are the true foundation of the EU.  Brexit has made us more determined and more united than before.”

“The key to the future is unity, and there is no alternative to this. We must challenge the populists. Populism is the opposite of modern unity. Words like dignity and pride must return to our political dictionary.”

Joseph Daul

“To bring results to the European people, we need to preserve European unity and move forward together. We can move at different speeds; but we all need to look in the same direction, without leaving anyone behind.

Antonio López-Istúriz White

“We are united to face whatever tweets Trump might address to us, or to any letter we receive from the EU. Europe was not made to protect itself, but to protect its citizens.”

“Pro-Europeans win elections. It happened in Spain and Germany with Merkel.”

Manfred Weber

“I know we are facing a lot of challenges, but we cannot say our challenges are bigger than those faced by the founding fathers.”