An EU interior minister meeting on migrants in Luxembourg does not appear to have yielded a final deal on migrant redistribution.

Earlier on Tuesday, French EU Minister Amélie de Montchalin said 10 countries were ready to back the Malta accord to redistribute migrants as soon as possible.

Two weeks ago, in Malta, Germany, France, Italy and Malta had preannounced a deal designed to take the pressure off countries like Malta and Italy that are the first stop for migrants.

But the three-hour working lunch in Luxembourg on Tuesday did not yield the expected result, as only 12 countries said they would be willing to accept rescued migrants, but only on a case-by-case basis and under unworkable conditions.

France and Germany volunteered to take some of the rescued migrants. But Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg and Finland were willing to join only if every member-state accepts a quota, The Times of Malta reports.

Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece bemoaned the fact the four-country group that met in Malta only dealt with the problem of migrants rescued between Libya and Italy, the German public news agency DW reports.

The Netherlands was only willing to discuss taking in refugees.

Once again, Eastern European countries reiterated their fundamental rejection of any plan that would require them to take in migrants.

“Those who have said yes are the three or four States who had already given their willingness, such as Luxembourg, and Ireland,” Italy’s Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese told the public news agency ANSA. “Let’s hope we get agreement between November and December,” she added.