The European Commission appeared “confident” on Tuesday, that Turkey will “take any appropriate action” if allegations are true that Syrian refugees had been sent back to the war-torn country.

Amid reports in EU media that Syrian refugees have been deported from Turkey back to Syria, a European Commission spokesman commented on the reports that “refugees and asylum seekers must not and cannot be forced to return to any part of Syria, as long as the conditions are not met for safe and voluntary returns, as expressed by UNHCR.”

“The Commission is confident that Turkey will verify the veracity of these allegations and take any appropriate action at the appropriate level. Turkey’s legislation explicitly states that no-one shall be treated contrary to the principle of non-refoulement. Both the EU and Turkey reaffirm in the Statement of 18 March 2016 to respect this principle,” added the spokesperson.

“We have seen the reports and our channels of communications are open,”reiterated the EU executive spokesperson.On Tuesday, the commission announced it would spend an additional €127m to help Syrian refugees in Turkey, a proof on behalf of the EU that the EU-Turkey Statement is being implemented on behalf of Brussels.