The Permanent Representatives Committee endorsed today the Presidency of the Council and the European Parliament’s proposal regarding the regulation on a mechanism for monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and for reporting other information at national and Union level relevant to climate change.

The new Regulation is going to enhance the monitoring and reporting framework within the EU, taking into account any possible developments at both Union and international level. In particular, the proposal incorporates new reporting and monitoring requirements arising from the 2009 Climate and Energy Package and from recent decisions adopted under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Its main goals are to assist Member States to implement the climate and energy package, to improve the transparency, accuracy, comparability and comprehensiveness of the data reported and to ensure that Member States comply with international monitoring and reporting obligations.

This new Regulation also contributes to the 20% emission reduction objective of the Europe 2020 strategy by making the annual review process of reported information faster and more efficient, and by enabling the annual determination of compliance by the Member States with their targets.

After the European Parliament adopts its position on first reading which is expected for next year, the Council will approve the European Parliament's position in order to finalize the adoption of the act.