The European Commission on October 10 adopted a report on the sustainable use of pesticides Directive. The news is not good.

Taking stock of progress made by the EU member states in applying measures to reduce the risks and impacts of pesticides, the Commission’s report indicates insufficient implementation of the directive.

“I know first-hand that citizens are concerned about the impact of the use of pesticides on their health and the environment,” said Vytenis Andriukaitis, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, said.

“We take these concerns into consideration and we are working with the member states to achieve sustainable use of pesticides in the way we grow and produce our food. I will continue encouraging and supporting member states in their task of implementing the measures to reduce risks derived from the use of pesticides.”

According to the report, improvements are limited and insufficient to achieve the environmental and health improvements that the directive was designed to achieve. This is largely due to the directive’s patchy implementation.

The Commission said it will continue to monitor implementation by the member states through audits and other follow-up activities – for example exchange of best practices and training of professionals.