As the British prime minister awaits for the non-confidence vote in the House of Commons, EU officials are preparing for a two-day summit in Brussels with British Prime Minister Theresa May only days after the latter survived a leadership challenge in the UK’s House of Commons following a revolt by her own party in relation to her agreeing to a Brexit deal that has sharply divided both the “Leave” and “Remain” camps in Britain’s Brexit debate.
“We expect May to tell the leaders about the internal developments and how those are linked with the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons,” a senior EU official told journalists on Wednesday. “It has to be very clear and has been clear from all of (the EU’s) 27 leaders” added the senior EU official, “is that the renegotiation of the Withdrawal Agreement is “not on the table”.
The EU senior official underlined that if any reassurances are provided, they cannot contradict the deal, adding that a  declaration that would include assurances and clarifications could be on offer from Brussels, but an extension of the Brexit negotiations beyond the March 29, 2019 date is not part of the EU’s proposal as a prolongation has not been requested by either side.
The European Commission is taking precautionary measures to plan for a potential rejection of the Brexit deal by the British parliament, a contingency plan that then includes the possibility of a no-deal scenario.