The European Commission will head to the bloc’s summit in Sibiu, Romania armed with five strategic priorities for the EU’s development from 2019 to 2024 which will include focusing on defence, competitiveness, social issues, sustainability and the global role of the EU.

“For Europe to thrive, the EU Member States must act together,” said Juncker, who added, “We also need to be more proactive in managing migration,” an assertion the Commission said requires comprehensive action at every level and “a true EU approach” when it comes to solidarity among the EU’s members.

The EU executive’s spokesperson denying that Jean-Claude Juncker wants to force his agenda to his successor as president of the European Commission.

The Commission also suggests that the internal market must be upgraded and modernised and a reform agenda needs to be fully adopted. This will allow the EU to focus on research and innovation when it comes to environmental, social and economic issues, while also investing in key digital capabilities.

The Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), a policy sector that underwent quite some lifting during the current Commission mandate, needs to be further deepened and the reform of the bloc’s labour markets should be supported to ensure fairness.

The Commission is also calling for the further implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights. to tackle challenges such as social inclusion, gender equality, minority and gender issues, while also moving towards a more resource-efficient circular economy, promoting green growth, the bio-economy and sustainable innovation.

On the international level, Europe must be at the core of leadership at a global level, through strong and consistent support for a multilateral, rule-based order with the United Nations. Close relations with their neighbors should be a priority for the EU. A stronger international role of the euro would strengthen Europe’s economic and monetary sovereignty.