The SEDEC Commission of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) adopted on 27 November an opinion by Emil Boc, mayor of the Romanian city Cluj-Napoca and former prime minister of the country.

In his opinion, Boc stresses the need to address the challenge of “brain drain“, or the emigration of highly qualified people to a more developed country. He explains that one out of four high-skilled workers has left his country, and urges the Union to address the social and economic imbalances between its regions.

Boc warns, that unless addressed at all levels, “the phenomenon will have long-term and permanent effects” on the future of the EU. He, therefore, says that cites and regions should form alliances with all stakeholders, including businesses, universities and NGOs, to implement local policies that would help stop brain drain.

A strong cohesion policy means investing in education, employment, innovation and social inclusion in all EU regions, Boc concludes.

The opinion was adopted by SEDEC, the CoR’s commission for social policy, employment, education, research and culture, chaired by Tanya Hristova, mayor of the Bulgarian city Gabrovo. It will be adopted at the plenary session in February.