The European Union and the United States hope to move closer towards settling their ongoing trade dispute after both sides agreed to hold another meeting later this month, according to the European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström.

In a series of tweets, Malmström after meeting with US envoy Robert Lighthizer in Brussels on September 10 that the two would meet and look “to put into motion the joint statement from July” by presidents Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald J. Trump by identifying the two parties top priorities with a view on finding a binding solution in the short-to-medium term.

Malmström and Lighthizer reportedly had a constructive meeting where the two agreed  “to improve trade relations” and pledged to instruct their staffs to hold further discussions on identifying and reducing tariff and non-tariff trade before their next face-to-face meeting in October.

“We hope for an early harvest in the area of technical barriers to trade.  We look forward to each party pursuing their domestic processes for negotiating mandates. The US will begin consultations with Congress, pursuant to Trade Promotion Authority. to facilitate negotiations on longer-term outcomes,” the Press Office of the US Mission to the EU said in a statement.

Prior to Monday’s rendezvous, an EU official reiters that Juncker and Trump had reached an agreement during their meeting in Washington in July, but failed to fully agree on the scope of the discussions. The official added that the goal is to formulate a framework agreement to end the trade dispute, but emphasised that agriculture would not be a part of any future deal, as Trump has insisted.