The European Chief Prosecutor, who will head the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), will be jointly appointed by common accord, by the European Parliament and the Council. New Europe sources in the COREPER have confirmed that the negotiations look like they’re heading nowhere, with Council negotiators only having a mandate to accept Frenchman Jean-François Bohnert as the Chief Prosecutor and no wiggleroom.

The European Parliament’s Conference of Presidents confirmed last Thursday the ranking of the candidates for European Chief Prosecutor. For the European Parliament Laura Codruţa Kövesi was the first choice, but with a slimmer margin of preference than the Council selected Bohnert.

If the European Parliament negotiators do not back down, the EPPO can will be kicked down the road to the next legislature – where it will be met by an entirely new composition of Council and Parliament, and most likely a whole new selection procedure. Meanwhile, every day that goes by creates increasing difficulties for Kövesi, who was formally charged in one more case last week by the Romanian authorities.