The EPP Congress last week in Malta was a show of force for the Party, drawing   together not only the critical people from the leadership of the pan-European political family, but the leaders of the EU Institutions, and some of the strongest heads of state and government in the Union such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

With the official triggering of Article 50, the clock on the two years of negotiations started ticking on Wednesday the 29th of March. At the inaugural press conference of the congress, both the President of the EPP, Joseph Daul, and the Secretary-General, Antonio López-Istúriz White called for a unity in the negotiation to go beyond the realms of the EPP political family. Daul explained that “[The EPP is] going to work at an  EU-27 level”, explaining that in these kinds of issues one has to be patient and methodical. The EPP’s Seceratary-General expanded on Daul’s positioning:  “Since the referendum and till the appearance of the letter today, we have had a single, united, and coordinated effort from all the 27 countries … The traditional policy of the United Kingdom to divide [us] will not succeed,” López-Istúriz said with a stern tone of voice.