On 10 December, in Rome, at the initiative of the President of the Italian Energy regulator ARERA, Stefano Besseghini, MEDREG welcomed 12 Presidents of Mediterranean Energy Regulatory Authorities to exchange approaches and good practices with regards to renewable energy development and the growing role of gas, at the highest level.

Opening the event, MEDREG President Gülefşan Demirbaş highlighted the increased importance of MEDREG for its member regulators. “The more our challenges grow, the more it is important to be able to rely on a network of fellow National Regulatory

Authorities which share the Mediterranean borders and work towards increased interconnection and compatibility of the legislations among countries, with a view to establishing a functioning and competitive Mediterranean energy market which can create ample benefits for all,” Demirbaş said.

Besseghini added that MEDREG is a very important platform to share experiences and develop a common understanding of the main issues and challenges currently faced by Mediterranean Energy Regulators. Such cooperation should be increasingly translated into joint actions with practical and visible outcomes.

Under-Secretary of Italian Ministry of Economic Development Alessandra Todde said the Mediterranean represents future opportunities in the region. “Energy interconnections and investments will surely reinforce and strengthen our historical relations to favour social and economic growth,” Todde said.

The Presidents of the Moroccan and Egyptian regulators ANRE and GASREG respectively explained how energy regulation is being affected and shaped by the growing importance of renewable energy electricity production and gas trade in their countries. These sharing of experience was enriched by the perspectives of the industry with active contributions of the Italian energy company ENEL and gas utility SNAM, MEDREG said.

This Presidents’ meeting followed MEDREG’s Brussels Forum held last November, which addressed the challenges and opportunities for reinforced cooperation that gas and renewable energy development imply in the Mediterranean region through a proactive dialogue of energy experts from international institutions, regulators, industry and academia, MEDREG said.

In the margin of this Presidents’ meeting, MEDREG is holding in Rome a joint training with the Association of Mediterranean Electricity Transmission System Operators (Med-TSO), meant to build the knowledge on infrastructure investments and the bilateral dialogue between the staff of regulators and TSOs.