In response to EU criticism on extrajudicial killings, the Filipino President Duterte responded “fuck you” on Tuesday.

In a speech addressing government officials in Davao City, the Filipino President responded on the European Parliament’s criticism on extrajudicial killings as follows:

“I read the condemnation of the EU against me. I will tell them, ‘fuck you.’ You’re doing it in atonement for your sins.”

Escalating violence

Upon taking office on June 30, Duterte launched a campaign against drug traffickers. That fight escalated to a state of national emergency after a bombing attack in Davao City late on September 2, killing 15 people.

Although a state of emergency is not uncommon following terrorist events, there is a fear that the Philippines are descending to a state in which rule of law standards are not being met.

Dirty Harry image

Last week a televised state committee in the Philippines heard testimony by a justice department employee, Edgar Matobato, that President Duterte had ordered the extrajudicial killing of over 1,000 people from 1988 to 2013.

Some of these killings were carried out by Matobato, The Guardian reported earlier this month.

The Filipino President has the nickname “Duterte Harry.” Since his election in June, he has made statements to the effect that he condones or even supports killings by an anti-drug vigilante group known as Davao Death Squad.

EU reaction

On September 3rd, the European Parliament called for “an end to the current wave of extrajudicial executions and killings” of drug suspects and directed the EU delegation in the Philippines to monitor rights abuses.

“President Duterte repeatedly urged law enforcement agencies and the public to kill suspected drug traffickers who did not surrender, as well as drug users,” the European Parliament said in a resolution.

Duterte and EU psychanalysis

President Duterte invites the EU to consider that even if accusations against him are true, those whom he killed had killed more.

In the same speech delivered on Tuesday, President Duterte made the case that the EU’s critical stand on human rights abuses stems from “guilt feelings” for past atrocities. These atrocities include France and Britain killing Arabs, for example.

Responding to similar US criticism, Duterte recently called US President Barack Obama “son of a whore.”

It all boils down to childhood and early formative years as it seems, for both the US President and the EU, as a whole.

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