Aggressive customers are almost everywhere in the Netherlands, according to the findings of a new survey commissioned by the Dutch retailors’ association Detailhandel Nederland.

The findings, which were published on October 7, are rather shocking. According to Dutch News online, it is becoming a social problem.

Bert van Steeg, who is in charge of shop criminality at the organisation, said: “The survey showed the main reasons for aggression against shop staff were complaints by unhappy customers (36%), the way shoplifting is handled (34%) and the unavailability of a product (23%).”

Van Steeg said baby milk is an example of a product that often leads to problems because of limits to the amount shoppers can buy at any one time.

One of every 12 shopkeepers experienced situations where customers have commented on irritating situations in the shop on social media. “This is a disturbing trend. Increasingly we are learning that the social media is the cause of aggression and insecurity,” Van Steeg said.