Tispol, the European police network responsible for road safety, is organizing a large-scale speed check operation on Wednesday.

Speeding drivers are being targeted this week as part of a Europe-wide campaign aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of driving at excessive and inappropriate speeds.

The operation was indicated on Monday by the organization on its website. The checks have begun on Wednesday at 6 a.m. in the morning and will draw to a close at the same time on Thursday morning. The operation is part of a week specifically to fight against speeding at the wheel.

Paolo Cestra, the President of Tispol, the network of European traffic police forces, explains, “People who still think that speeding is a minor offence are mistaken. Driving too fast has a devastating impact on the safety of other road users, which only serves to increase the risk of accidents and the seriousness of these.”

This follows on from the success of similar speed campaigns coordinated by TISPOL in April and August of 2017.