The twitter account of European Commission First Vice President, Frans Timmermans, is no more. It is now just the twitter account of good ol’ Frans.

A snapshot of the FVP’s twitter account on August 28, describes Timmermans as FVP of the European Commission. In a snapshot taken in late October, the description of Timmermans is completely gone.


In fact, Timmermans’ account is now sharing content that is largely related to his campaign in the European elections. The European Commission says that the twitter accounts belong to the Commissioners themselves as individuals and not to the institution, but the reality is that this is an account that has been built up and maintained using taxpayer money and resources – and will now be used for an election campaign. C’est la vie.

Most strange, is a video pinned to the top of the FVP’s account, shot in Heerlen, Timmermans’ hometown. The video announces the launch of the campaign to lead his national political party, the PvdA in the European elections in May, and his candidacy to be the Spitzen candidate of the Party of European Socialists.

What is bizarre, is that while Timmermans is running for the top job in the European Commission, in the video shot in Heerlen, his hometown, he proclaims: “This is where I belong. Not in the Berlaymont. I belong here.”


We don’t see the logic, but if that’s what the FVP wants, who are we to argue? Despite the self-realisation that he doesn’t belong, for the time being the Commission has confirmed that The First Vice-President remains an active member of the College.