Kassandra has received and is investigating a quite a substantial file on the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Informatics – DG DIGIT.

The file shows, among other substantial issues, that contracts of more than Euro 460 million were awarded by way of negotiated procedures involving only the incumbent contractors in 2016-2017 – and with no public tender. It should be noted that the organisation of the above negotiated procedures could appear legal (i.e. compliant with the Financial regulation on the General Budget of the European Union) but in fact DG DIGIT was well aware more than one year in advance of the expected premature consumption of the contracts’ budgets and had sufficient time to organise standard open calls for tenders in order to ensure that the European Commission would receive the best value for the taxpayers’ money.

The rabbit hole runs deep, and the irregularities with the EU taxpayers’ money are easily confirmed by the fact that the contractors did not meet the most important key performance indicators.

The contractors game the system, and they consistently refused to offer, contrary to what they were supposed to do as per their respective contracts, lowlevel and relatively “cheaper” profiles of experts, the fee rates for which had allowed them to win the framework contract in the first place! This put the European Commission in an impossible situation where they had to buy for approximately 90% of its requests the most expensive experts on the contracts. Just a sample.

There’s also something about iPhone rates and VAT returns, but relax, and enjoy the sun. Kassandra will be back with more on this after the summer break.