Finally, Kassandra has received  feedback on the access to documents request of August 26 concerning the cancelation of two audits by DG RTD, the Research Department of the European Commission on a non-profit, scientific foundation (the cost of this to the EU budget is over € 15 million).

This past week, we received two replies. One was from the Legal Service with only names ‘blacked out’. All crucial information was there and nothing was covered with the pretext of personal data protection. It seems that some things are still functioning within this administration.

The second reply, as I had anticipated, did not come from the Secretariat General, which obviously did not want to take the responsibility of erasing from the documents the substance of what to me looks like fraud. It came straight from Director General of DG RTD Robert-Jan Smits.

In his 5-page cover reply, the Director General informed me that personal data were blacked-out in the documents. Fair enough. What is not fair is that certain parts of the documents were not released because they “would have adverse effects on the auditee’s commercials interests” (the underlining is by the DG). What commercial interests a non-profit scientific foundation can have, we do not understand; and this is not ‘fair’. Indeed the mere fact that a non-profit scientific foundation dealing with the Commission has commercial interests deserves investigation.

In the fifth page of the cover letter, we were also informed “the Commission does not assume liability stemming from the reuse of the disclosed content.” This, for a document provided under regulation 1049, is in the least, a bizarre statement.

Among the generously blacked-out documents was the FINAL AUDIT REPORT. Here below we re-print two of the report pages, page 8 and 9, with the “1.6 Audit Findings” and “1.7 Recommendations,” as released by DG RTD.

To compare with the original documents and see by yourselves what personal data and what commercial interests of a non-profit scientific foundation are protected, you have to wait. All is in a book of Kassandra’s ‘father’, “Welcome to Hell – The Deep State of Europe” under publication. There, among the “Ten Little Dirty Jobs” of the European Commission (chapter 10), you will read everything on “The cancelled audits of DG Research.” However, if someone is in a hurry and wants to have now access to the originals, Kassandra could exceptionally facilitate access to a draft copy of the book.