There is a way to eradicate sex trafficking, according to a candidate in next month’s municipal elections in Denmark.

David Zepernick, who is a member of the Danish Social Liberal Party (Radikale), has warned that not enough political priority is being given to the fight against prostitution. He is concerned the work of the women, who primarily come from Nigeria and Romania, poses a health risk to themselves and others.

“If we work together, we could eradicate sex trafficking in Denmark,” he told The Copenhagen Post. “But to do that would require a dedicated effort and a victim-focused approach, as suggested by our friends in the US State Department, whereby you stop treating the women as illegal immigrants and criminals and start treating them as victims of a serious crime.”

As reported by The Copenhagen Post, Zepernick has overseen the creation of a free health clinic for foreign women in prostitution. Since its foundation in 2010, the ‘Tuesday Clinic’ has had about 250-300 consultations a year.

“The women, who are here illegally, obviously have no health insurance, which when you take their risky line of ‘work’ into consideration, constitutes a health risk to themselves and everybody else,” Zepernick told The Copenhagen Post.

“The clinic is the only local initiative addressing that problem,” he said. “On top of its specific health-related services, the clinic also serves as a point of entry for women with a history of sex trafficking, where they can receive a helping hand from the relevant national authorities.”