The European Medicines Agency, which is currently based in London, is looking to relocate in view of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. But both EU members Denmark and Sweden are out of the selection.

Voting in Brussels eliminated both Copenhagen and Stockholm and Amsterdam was eventually chosen over Milan as the new location of the agency.

According to Denmark’s foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen, Sweden is to blame for Copenhagen’s loss.

“I would like to thank everyone that has supported us throughout this process. We really, really appreciate it,” the minister said. “And I will not refrain from saying that I am somewhat disappointed in the Swedes.”

As reported by The Local, Copenhagen was eliminated in the second round with five votes, at which point Milan had 12 votes and Amsterdam nine.

“The Swedes let us down in a lot of senses today. That happened in the sense of Nordic partnership,” Samuelsen said.

“I also believe there is much to suggest that [Sweden] also let down the Dutch [bid], which won by drawing lots, but it shouldn’t have come to that,” he said.

The Foreign Minister did not specify exactly how Sweden had let down other countries.

In a separate report, The Copenhagen Post noted that Holger K Nielsen (SF), a former Danish foreign minister, was unimpressed by Samuelsen’s comments, contending that it “shows he is a bad loser”.

“It is not the Eurovision Song Contest,” he said.