The world’s first ultra-secure smartphone was revealed by DarkMatter Group, a UAE company specialising in cybersecurity solutions and fully-integrated digital transformation, at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The phone, dubbed the KATIM R01, is designed to weather both physical and cyber attacks, meets military standards of resilience and has a touchscreen which that responds when touched with wet or gloved hands. The phone is also shock-proof and resistant to heavy vibrations.

“During the design phase, we challenged the brightest minds in the industry to create a rugged design that can withstand extreme field conditions.” said the CEO of DarkMatter Group, Karim Sabbagh “In a world where mobile device exploitation poses significant threats to nations and businesses, the KATIM R01 provides peace of mind to businesses and governments operating in extraordinarily tough environments where smart, swift, and secure communication is critical.”

The phone was designed with certain industries in mind, mainly those with an increased need for both physical resilience and high levels of security such as the transport, construction, mining, military, and energy sectors.

The design team of the KATIM R01 produced a mobile phone that also contains a barometer and sensors for temperature and humidity. The phone’s data is kept safe by its monitoring system, which protects the phone from intrusions by wiping its data when triggered. Additionally, the KATIM R01 provides users with a so-called ‘shield mode’ for confidential discussions that shuts down the microphone and cameras while still allowing users to access their phone’s other functions.

The phone is the newest device from DarkMatter, which focuses on mobile devices that are designed with certain security concerns in mind. The company’s other products include the KATIM phones, KATIM OS, KATIM Apps: Messenger and Email, and the KATIM Command Centre.