Demonstrators gathered in Prague on the evening of 10 December, to tell Czech Prime Minister, billionaire Andrej Babis to resign.

People took to the streets as prosecutors are reopening a fraud investigation against Babis, after it was suspended. He was charged over fraud and misuse of European Union funds, and has denied the allegations.

At least 50,000 people participated in the protests, according to the police. Protest groups said the number of participants was between 60,000 and 80,000.

Carrying signs reading: “Babis is evil” and “Resign”, protesters urged for Babis to either disassociate from his business interests or resign.

“A liar under investigation has no business being in the post of prime minister”, a protester said, and added: “The European Commission audit speaks clearly: Andrej Babis abuses political power for his own business”.

Babis’s populist party is still the most popular with around 30%of the vote. His companies are among the country’s main recipients of EU money.

If the claims of conflict of interest are found to be true, the Czech Republic might have to repay EU funds.

Another protest is scheduled to take place in Prague on 17 December.