According to Europol’s 2019 cybercrime report presented on 9 October, cybercrime is continuing to mature, shifting its focus to larger targets as well as new technologies. Data is the key element in cybercrime, both from a crime and an investigate perspective.

According to the report, new threats do not only arise from new technologies but often come from known vulnerabilities in existing technologies. Law enforcement must therefore approach cybercrime with prevention and increasing cyber resilience.

“At Europol, we see that key tools must be developed to keep cybercriminals at bay. This is all the more important, considering that other crime areas are becoming increasingly cyber-facilitated”, said Europol’s Executive Director, Catherine De Bolle.

Ransomware remains the top cybercrime threat this year, followed by DDoS attacks, child sexual exploitation material, as well as blockchain marketplaces, including the Darknet. The coordinated response to large-scale cyber-attacks remains a key challenge to effective international cooperation, the report concludes.