The Croatian government and the country’s national bank HNB have reportedly agreed that they will prepare a common strategy with the goal of introducing the euro as soon as possible.

According to local media reports, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and HNB Governor Boris Vujčić agreed they will coordinate their policies about joining the euro zone because it is the safest option for the long-term financial and monetary stability of Croatia. In addition, Plenković has decided that another strategic political objective will be Croatia’s entry into the framework of the Schengen Agreement.

As reported by TOTAL Croatia News online, the first impression is that, in addition to the promised economic growth, the introduction of the euro and the entry into the Schengen Area could become the political legacy of Andrej Plenković and his team.

Apart from a small group of advocates of the kuna among economists and a few MPs, the new agenda advocated by Plenković and Vujčić should easily receive a broad public support, since in today’s euro zone even the biggest critics agree that euro still represents an achievement.