The European Union expressed satisfaction on November 18 with the result of the UN climate change conference held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The November 6-17 conference attended by some 100 ministers and more than 6,000 delegates brought “solid progress”" said a statement released in Helsinki. Finland is the current president of the EU. “The Nairobi conference resulted in a series of decisions and new initiatives to support developing countries, which are the most vulnerable to climate change.” The talks in Nairobi resolved a major sticking point and agreed on a review of the Kyoto Protocol, which could lead to higher carbon emissions caps after the treaty expires in 2012. “The Nairobi climate change conference has been a success and I congratulate Kenya on this achievement. The European Union has achieved all its main priorities and continues to lead the battle against climate change,” said Finnish Environment Minister Jan-Erik Enestam.