Charting the turbo-charged box office of ‘Furious’ franchise

by The Associated Press, Associated Press1 April 2015 13:55-04:00

In their14-year history, the “Fast & Furious” films have become a case study in the power of international box office. In recent years, the unlikely franchise has made global appeal a priority and as a result, grosses have continued to grow. “Furious 7,” out worldwide on Friday, could be the biggest installment yet.

Here’s a list of the “Furious” films, followed by the domestic box office gross and the gross from the rest of the world, outside of North America, according to Rentrak:

— “The Fast and the Furious,” 2001, $144.5 million, $62.9 million.

— “2 Fast 2 Furious,” 2003, $127.1 million, $109.1 million.

— “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” 2006, $62.6 million, $95.9 million.

— “Fast & Furious,” 2009, $155.2 million, $208.6 million.

— “Fast Five,” 2011, $210 million, $420 million.

— “Fast & Furious 6,” 2013, $238.7 million, $551 million.

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