Cameroon President Paul Biya announced on 10 September that he intends to hold a major “national dialogue” this month, to put an end to the violence between security forces and armed separatists from the anglophone minority in the west, in which thousands were killed.

The European Union welcomed the move, stating:

“The announcement by President Biya to convene a national dialogue constitutes a positive development in the search for a solution to the crisis in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon.”

“The European Union continues to support all efforts to this end, in coordination with its international and regional partners.”, the statement reads.

The crisis began in late 2016, and escalated a year later when English-speaking militants declared the creation of the independent “Republic of Ambazonia”. In 2017, Biya declared war on the separatists. According to the UN, the conflict has since killed more than 2.000 people, and internally displaced more than 500.000.