AMSTERDAM – Bulgaria hopes that the second branch of the planned Turkish Pipeline or TurkStream to Europe will go through the Balkan country, Bulgaria’s Deputy Energy Minister Zhecho Stankov told New Europe.

Turkish Stream is a very important project for Bulgaria, he said, noting that in the whole the Balkans area, 80% of the compressor stations are in Bulgaria. “We hope that the second pipeline will come through Bulgaria and the reason is that 80% of the compressor stations on our transition pipelines is situated on the territory of Bulgaria,” Stankov said on the sidelines of a conference in Amsterdam on November 21.

Turkish Stream is the project for a gas pipeline stretching across the Black Sea from Russia to Turkey and further to Turkey’s border with neighboring countries. The first string of TurkStream is intended for Turkish consumers, while the second string will deliver gas to southern and southeastern Europe. Each string will have the throughput capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters of gas per year. “We keep our natural gas system in very good condition and at the moment we are thinking to make new infrastructure from the Bulgaria-Turkey border to the Bulgaria-Serbia border to make the transfer of gas easier in every direction,” Stankov said.