The European Court of Auditors confirmed in its latest report published on 8 October, that the EU Commission had significantly improved the way it administered the EU budget, while making sure that every euro is spent in line with the rules and generates added value for Europeans.

The Commission manages around 75% of the EU spending jointly with national authorities, which play a key role in areas like cohesion and agriculture.

“Both the EU Cohesion Policy and our Common Agricultural Policy have proven their ability to deliver good results. At the same time, cohesion and rural development remain the most challenging to manage because of the many actors involved. The Commission helps Member States and the different managing authorities to do better when necessary”, said Günther H. Oettinger, EU Commissioner for budget and human resources.

The Commission is monitoring the implementation of the budget, and if the beneficiaries are found to be spending the EU money incorrectly, it may recover funds to protect the EU budget. In the recent years, the Commission has simplified the rules under which the budget is spent, thus easing the access to funds.