Facebook has warned over freedom of expression as the European Union considers measures to stop disinformation campaigns across online platforms.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s VP for Global Affairs warned that in the online world, “the scope of what we deem to be acceptable speech has narrowed over recent years, leading to potential erosions in freedom of expression”.

He also warned that the online platform is being careful to not cross the fine line between banning disinformation and suppressing freedom of expression: “In the end, you need to be careful once you have curtailed free speech, because once you have curtailed it you can’t turn it back”, he said.

Other online social media platforms have already committed to banning political advertising. However, Facebook has so far resisted.

The EU is expected to release its Democracy Action Plan, with measures in the fight against disinformation, while allowing free and fair elections. It had also established a team on media freedom to assess the issue.

Earlier this month, Facebook and eBay pledged to remove accounts, pages and groups involved in the trade of fake reviews.