The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications Berec has published new guidelines with criteria for NRAs (National Regulatory Authorities), following new rules on price caps for communication services within the EU and with the goal of keeping regulations in this area consistent across the board, which take effect 15 March.

Among these new rules, Article 50 in EU Regulation 2015/2120, companies are confined to charging €0.19 per minute for calls and €0.06 for each SMS message inside of the EU.

The regulations apply to EU members within the single currency market and require that intervals cannot be charged for more than a minute. However, providers are allowed to provide additional tariffs to countries outside of the European Economic Area.

If an operator would like to act in contrary to the regulation, the regulatory authorities should conduct a derogation assessment that would include an initial analysis and an assessment of the impact on the model for domestic pricing within the country.

Additionally, for the sake of having data with which to monitor. BEREC has created a template for regulators to follow and collect data that will be published in a report each year.

Further information on the new rules have been published, including an explanatory video.