The EU Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development -OECD, presented on 14 November in Brussels a report on a 2017 initiative to help 12 EU regions and states achieve industrial transition in a globalised economy.

As European regions face job losses due to the decline of traditional industries, the report identifies what is holding back job creation and growth, and aims to reinforce their strategies based on their social fairness, economic modernisation and climate ambitions.

The report provides solutions to obstacles to industrial transition in key areas. In particular, it proposes coaching to increase the skills needed for the emerging economic sectors, as well as the entrepreneurship skills for start-ups. To answer to the lack of innovation capacity in small businesses, the report proposes strengthening links between academia and local businesses.

It also proposes increased financial support schemes to accelerate transitioning towards a climate-neutral economy, as well as strengthened territorial cooperation through rural-urban partnerships, in order to promote inclusive growth.